About Us


My name is Kerri and I am a MSK Physiotherapy Assistant in the NHS. Over the past month the area I work in has completely changed with people now working from home, video consultations instead of face to face appointments and many members of our team being redeployed to help in the fight against COVID-19. This hasn't been easy and I wanted to do something to help...

So, I started an NHS staff support group to help with physical and mental wellbeing during the nationwide fight. The aim of this group is to share videos, positive messages and hints and tips for looking after our wellbeing. We have over 5,900 members and counting...!

Alongside starting the support group, I wanted to raise as much money as possible and also spread hope and positivity so I have spent time working with a talented artist, Emily Freeman (@emily.rose.designs) to design badges and positivity postcards, which is what you will see for sale. All of the profits will go to NHS charities and The Laura Hyde Foundation.

You will also see sponsorship of our Super Hero boxes. I have created these boxes to send to NHS staff all over the country. I am working hard to collect donations from as many companies as possible but I would love to send as many boxes to as many staff as possible so sponsoring one of these boxes will guarantee this!

I will keep you all updated about money raised and new products via our blog!

Thank you for reading and I look forward to seeing you share pictures of your rainbow badges and positivity postcards!

(If you would like to feature on our Instagram please send your pictures to hello@aftereverystorm.co.uk)